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Satellite Campuses
Homeschool Umbrella Program

The Farm School Satellite Campuses Program (TFS-SCP) is our home & community-based program for home educators primarily in the state of Tennessee.

Use the links below to access more information about our program.

Enrollment for 2024/2025 is OPEN!
Enrollment for 2023/2024 is CLOSED


Why Choose Our Satellite Umbrella Program?

Independence & Flexibility

You have the freedom to choose and implement your own curriculum to accommodate your student and situation


While we are a Church-Related school, the Church of the Farm is spiritual and houses many faiths within it. Faith is personal and should not exclude someone from an education. Thus, we do not require a Statement of Faith, and you are free to incorporate your beliefs as you see fit.

Less Paperwork for You

We deal with your county for you - no need for an Intent to Homeschool - we let them know you're covered


As long as reporting is up to date, we also issue Transcripts, Work Permits, and DMV letters by request

Graduate with a Diploma

Many of our Seniors graduate to attend colleges across Tennessee and beyond. Some students even Dual Enroll, completing a year or so of college before graduation!

No Waiting Period

You are enrolled as soon as your payment clears

No State Testing

Public schools require annual standardized state testing. Students enrolled in our Satellite Umbrella Program are not required to undergo state testing

Everything is Online

From enrollment and record keeping to requesting records, everything can be done online

Not tech-savvy? Not a problem - our Parent Dashboard is simple and straightforward, and the curriculum itself doesn’t have to be based online

Helpful Commmunity

Our supportive families have an active Facebook group, allowing you to get help and borrow ideas from other parents!

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