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Homeschooling Resources

Homeschooling is a journey and it looks different for everyone. We suggest doing your research, connect with other families, and know we are here for you. The first thing to research should be your student’s learning style and your curriculum. There are many options! We do suggest joining our Facebook Group which is filled with many experienced homeschool families who can give you suggestions based on your needs. Our hope is this will help you build community within our school and this will provide you with information from multiple sources and therefore give you some variety.

We do recommend you being flexible to your Learner’s needs while you find your footing and what works for you and your family. The below links, activities, and resources were gathered from our families and have not been vetted. Please check them out and use what works for you. In addition, we've listed the TN state learning standards for you to use however you wish. They can be used as a guide to help you know what topics should be covered for a particular grade level.

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