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Grade & Attendance Reporting

Hello Farm School Families!

This is a quick guide to help answer some questions you might have about how to navigate attendance and reporting on our Parent Dashboard.

All required information is accessible and amendable on one page, with the optional reporting features packaged into a Portfolio.

Once logged into your Parent Dashboard, click on the appropriate year or in the Reporting column (8th) of the Registered School Years table. Click View Student's School Year for the chosen student. The next page will show the Registered Courses table, and then the Attendance table underneath.

We ask that each family add reporting at the end of each semester (especially High Schoolers!) and ultimately complete reporting by June 30th each year.


Course reporting has now been streamlined into one table including everything you (and we) need to know!

Use the + ADD COURSE button to add a course from our drop-down menu, or use the blank to the right to enter a custom course title.  Choose your grade level and scoring method (we have Letter/Numeric, Worded, and Pass/Fail), and include any comments, such as curriculum provider, book titles, and instructor names. Comments are not required for our records, but in the case of high school courses, can be helpful in determining proper credit allotment. Clicking on any added course name will allow you to edit this information.

Once courses are added and the marking period is over, add grades by clicking in the appropriate semester or quarter column. From this window, you can choose your grade (and credit, if HS) and submit, or clear the session’s entry. The final grade is automatically populated based on the added session grades.

If you want to quickly add the four basic courses for your K8 student, our Auto-fill button adds ELA, Math, Science, and Social studies with Passing grades. You will still be able to add and amend courses as needed.

To view all year’s courses together, use the TRANSCRIPT button above the Registered Courses table.  You can also still add Narrative Evaluations, Activities, and Test Scores using the PORTFOLIO button.

For our visual learners, we hope you will find the following graphic helpful:



After activating attendance (click the green Activate Attendance button) you can click on the individual days to add Y for attended, or, report a month at a time using the Lightning Bolt to the left of each month.  On each month’s pop-up we have an auto-fill feature that will fill in all weekdays, and then you can click or unclick days as needed.

*The only required value is Y for attended, but you are welcome to use different values to mark other days for your records*

You will find a counter tracking your days at the bottom of the table. You will only add days attended with us, so at the moment, anyone transferring in mid-year will not have the correct count.

For families with multiple students, attendance can be easily transferred from one to the others using the COPY ATTENDANCE TO SIBLING button.

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